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Club runs
Except where indicated otherwise, club runs are from Yeovil Town Football Club, Huish Park, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8YF.

When:  6:30 p.m. each Tuesday evening unless otherwise indicated. Please turn up in plenty of time. It really isn't fair to those who turn up in good time if you are late and they are kept waiting around for you.

There is also a Club Run on Saturday Mornings at 09:00am from just outside the Football Club. We park up opposite the Ground.

Hopefully there will always be a Run Leader if not it will be an unofficial gathering of runners. The routes are various and all abilities of runner are catered for.



Everyone is welcome. You don't have to be a member to join our club runs. However, you will be expected to comply with run leaders' or other club officials' instructions. There are, provided sufficient run leaders are available (see below), groups for all abilities from the beginner or slower runner through to the "elite" runners in the club. All runs regroup at regular intervals so no one gets left behind. However, this is a running club and you will be expected to be able to run (however slowly) the full distance covered by the group you join.

Phil MacQuaid is authoroised by the committee to coordinate the club runs. He may cancel the run for any group for which there is no run leader available for that evening. He may also ask runners to change to a different group if he considers the one they have joined to be inappropriate.

The club runs are excellently attended with often almost 100 members turning up on a Tuesday evening. The ability/pace groups for each distance are dependent upon there being a run leader for each group. Phil MacQuaid coordinates all runs. He always needs run leaders. Please help him out by volunteering (and letting him know in advance) if you possibly can. Phil has the authority of the committee to appoint run leaders.
Run leading does not require any qualification other than knowledge of the route(s) and a willingness to take responsibility for keeping the group together. By volunteering you will both be putting something back into your club and  helping other members by ensuring that there are sufficient leaders so that all distance and ability groups are available for them.

Club runs for the next few weeks:
17th May Summer Route 7 YTFC  
24th May Summer Route 8 YTFC  
31st May Summer Route 1 YTFC  
7th June Summer Route 2 YTFC  
14th June Summer Route 3 YTFC  
21st June Summer Route 4 YTFC  
28th June Summer Route 5 YTFC  
  Summer Route 6    

** Hill Repeats

Leaving Yeovil Town FC (or Goldenstones) at 6.30 p.m., for a warm up of a mile or so before getting down to the serious business, the session will be led by Nick Brooke. The session will be suitable for all abilities and should be of particular interest to those wishing to improve their race times - at all distances.

Men's captain, Tim Hawkins, says: "Everyone should include hill repeats in their training schedule. It is a low impact way to improve speed, strength and technique."

The session will consist of a series of uphill sprints of a specified time (suitable for all as you do the best you can in the time), jogging back down and then repeating.